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Linhart | Toothbrush | Black Bristle

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The LINHART Nano-Silver Toothbrush features a unique combination of antibacterial, ultra-soft, dual-length bristles. Available in 2 colors: Comes with Bristle Protector Case. Replace your LINHART Toothbrush every two months or when worn.

Black Bristles.

ANTIBACTERIAL NANO-SILVER infused bristles kill 99% of harmful bacteria, preventing the microbial proliferation that plagues ordinary toothbrushes.

ULTRA-SOFT DUAL LENGTH BRISTLES are gentle on the teeth and gums. The short, tactile bristles clean between teeth, while the long, fine bristles remove plaque in hard to reach areas deep under the gum line.

DESIGNED BY DENTISTS Ergonomic handle and small head, designed for comfort and effectiveness!